Encircled Sponsorship + New Team Member!

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Number of Sponsorships: 10

Compensation: products, gift card to giveaway, use of affiliate links, social media promotion

Content Posted By: 3/1/2018

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"If traveling and living with less is something you believe in, let's partner up and spread the word about ethical fashion!"  Compensation could include products, gift card giveaway, use of TPL affiliate links and social media promotion.  Encircled is looking to sponsor up to 10 TPL Influencers.  Content should be posted before March 1st!


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In the last email update, we brought up the idea of donating 1% of TPL sales to a cause each month.  We were super excited about this idea (and many of y'all were too) but some of you also made a great point - what if we used that 1% to make the TPL platform better?

Well, that's what we're doing!  We've decided to bring on a tech guy!  As many of you know, tech is not our strong suit - and TPL is very tech dependent :)  So Chad, our new tech guy, is coming on part time to handle all things tech!  This will mean 1) problems will get fixed sooner and 2) Lindsey, Brandon and Hannah will have more time to focus on building this community!

Brandon Hill