Merging Families + September 1st Trivia

It's September 1st!!!

September 1st might not hold much significance for you.  Even though it was on September 1st that Germany invaded Poland and began World War II in Europe.  It was also that day that Helen Keller graduated from college.  It was on September 1st that Bobby Fischer beat the Russians and became World Chess Champion.  And it happened to be the first of September when the wreck of the Titanic was found.  Lots of reasons to think this day is interesting.

But we've been looking forward to September 1st because: TODAY WE ARE MERGING WITH THE ETHICAL INFLUENCER NETWORK!

Some Things Are Just Way Better Together

When we first had the idea of creating The People Label - a network of ethical influencers + brands - the Ethical Influencer Network was the first networks we found that was already doing something similar.

EIN logo.png

And over the past year, we have stayed in touch with what they've been up to and what we could learn from them.  We've admired their strong community and dedication to living and promoting a truly ethical lifestyle.

For months now, the idea of merging their strong community with our affiliate tools has been tossed around.  I mean, how cool would that be to empower a community of ethical influencers with tools for getting sponsored and sharing ethical brands?

We thought it would be really cool.

And we thought September 1st would be the day to do it.  (After all, this was the day that US spacecraft Pioneer 11 made the first-ever flyby of Saturn.)

Today, we are welcoming in all the Influencers that have been a part of the EIN.  We are so excited to have you be a part of the TPL family.  And we are so excited for the passion and community that you are brining with you.  Welcome!

We Run on Passion (But Have a Few Bills)

When we started TPL, we wanted to make it as affordable as possible.  We didn't want cost to avert anyone from being a part of this network.  This has been working great for us since our only feature has been affiliate links.  Sure it takes a good amount of time ever week for us to keep this thing running, but it's been manageable enough that we have been able to run on passion and not money.


Our vision of what this family could be has grown, though.  Affiliate links are wonderful, but what if we could also make sponsorships happen?  And rent out clothing for content creators?  And have the most vibrant community for ethical influencers?  And be the best influencer marketing service for brands?  That vision gets our passion revving - but it also takes a little money.

As we talked with EIN about merging, we talked about money.  The cost to be a part of EIN was $59/year (what a bargain for the coolest ethical community around!).  We talked about how much it would cost us to offer all the things we want to this growing community of influencers.  None of us felt like we needed to get paid much.  Just enough that our spouses wouldn't curse us for devoting so much time to something that only made us smile but didn't put food on the table.

Here's where we've landed:  we're going to adopt the $59/year pricing for Influencers!

That's right.  For the same amount, Influencers not only get to be a part of the best ethical community, but also all the tools that we have developed and will roll out in the future: affiliate links, sponsorships and renting clothing.

We're able to keep this low cost partly because the three of us on the TPL team have decided that we'd happily work for less than minimum wage in order to make this happen.  And partly because we believe that the TPL family will continue to grow (and as it grows it will begin to pay us a little more :)

For those of you who have been a part of EIN, we will keep your same annual schedule for payments.  For all other Influencers, we ask that you take some time to sign up for an annual subscription sometime this month!  If you have any questions about it, please let me know!  You can easily create your annual subscription on your dashboard or right here:


Our tiny team of two (Lindsey + Brandon) is growing!  This is super exciting for us (because it can be a bit much working only with your sibling all the time :) but it's also exciting for you because it means we have someone else on our team to serve you!


One of the first people Brandon called when he was thinking about how to start TPL was Hannah Theisen, the one who started EIN a few years ago.  She has since become a good friend and advisor for us and we couldn't think more highly of her.  So when we decided to merge with EIN, we crossed our fingers that she would want to join our team.

We're excited to announce that Hannah is officially joining our team today as our content creator!  One of Hannah's strengths is putting together thoughtful and helpful content and resources for people interested in ethical and sustainable living.  She will be doing this for us via blog posts, guides and resources - both for our TPL family and for our broader community.

So get ready to start seeing some amazing new content coming from TPL thanks to Hannah!

Brandon Hill