Renting Clothes + Sponsoring Influencers


Two new Features

we're so excited to roll out...



As an Influencer, you want to be able to create content to share brands and products you love with your followers.  But being an ethical Influencer, we know you are also trying to consume/own/use less.

As a brand, we know you want to get your products in the hands of influencers.  But it's also expensive to hand out your products for free.

So, we've created a win-win: you can now rent items from the brands in our network for just $7!

Brands, you can donate items you want our Influencers to have access to rent anytime you want on our Donate Page.  (You can also access this page at the bottom of your dashboard.)

Influencers, you can rent items you want to try out for a week from your Dashboard by clicking on a brand to see what items they have available for rent.  You can even schedule which week you want to receive the item!

We're super excited to make this possible and can't wait to see what content you're able to create (without having to over-stuff your closet)!


We love helping you promote ethical fashion with affiliate links!  But we know you also like to sponsor influencers/get sponsored for content.  So we want to make that process easier for both parties!

Starting September 1st, we're enabling our Brands to view Influencers' Media Kits and propose sponsorships!  More to come on how this will work. (But know that it will take care of contracts and allow Brands to propose terms + payment and Influencers will get to accept/reject/counter :)

For now, we're receiving Media Kits from the Influencers who want to be available to get Sponsored.  Just upload the PDF of your Media Kit right here and we'll get your Sponsorship page setup for September 1st!

Brandon Hill