The Future of Links Pt. 2!

What a couple of weeks!  We have gone from not knowing if we would keep links in 2018 to putting together a plan to make affiliate links an even better experience for both influencers + retailers!

Here's what's up.... (and please share your thoughts on this new plan!):

Collective Hu-Gallery 4-0031.jpg

You all responded with an OVERWHELMING "Please keep the links!" and shared SO many good thoughts about how they can be even better.  And many of you said you've been planning on using them more and this was the kick you needed to start incorporating them into more content.

So we're keeping the links!!  (and there was much rejoicing)

A great piece of feedback we got was how the links will increase in value as the number of brands/retailers that are a part of TPL increases.  And same for bloggers - this platform becomes more valuable to retailers as the number of influencers increases.

So we set a goal for 2018:  200 new ethical influencers + 100 new ethical retailers!

Yeah, it sounds kinda crazy to us too, but in the best possible way.  So please continue to share your favorite influencers + retailers that you'd like to see join the TPL family and we'll reach out to them!

TPL 1 percent.png


Based on your feedback, we will not be donating 1% each month - instead we are bringing on Chad, our new tech guy, as a part time team member!

This will mean we get problems fixed quicker and the rest of us will have more time to focus on building an amazing community!


Our part-time TPL salaries come from the 2% we earn from each affiliate link sale.  But if we are going to grow our affiliate network 2018, we will be earning more than we need to survive.  Which is great!

What we've decided is that we only need to make 1% from each sale - so the other 1% we are going to donate to a different charitable cause each month!  What causes?  We're not totally sure yet - I think it would be most fun + meaningful if we all voted each month on what cause to donate the proceeds to, right!?

The best part is, this doesn't mean any change in commission structure for Retailers or Influencers - all that stays the same.  We are simply setting aside half of the commission TPL receives for each sale to give away to a cause.  (This will be starting in January, so soon we'll be voting on the cause to support with January sales!)

Thank you all so much for your support in 2017.  We are more excited than ever for 2018 and that's all because of this amazing ethical family we are a part of :)

Lindsey + Brandon + Hannah

Brandon Hill