Synergy Collaboration + Better Collaborations

Sponsorships were a huge hit last week!  Thanks so much to everyone for checking them out and to the many of you who applied - Azura Bay + Bead & Reel were stoked.  (And so were we :)

A couple of you mentioned an awesome idea that I never would have thought of - collaborations between not just brands and influencers, but also for brands to collaborate with other brands and influencers to collaborate with other influencers!

So this week we're making that possible for Brands to do - on your dashboard, you can click "Sponsor" and then pitch a sponsorship/collaborations to either Influencers OR other Brands.

Influencers, this will be coming to your dashboards super soon!  That way you can pitch collaborations to other Influencers and get applications/see who is interested.

This week, we have a Sponsorship Opportunity from Synergy!  Many of you are brainstorming content for the holidays - this may be a perfect fit for you...



Number of Sponsorships: 5

Compensation: Synergy clothing, affiliate links, social media promotion on Synergy channels, and $50 gift card to giveaway

Content Posted By: 12/15/2017

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If you are creating holiday gift guides or want to create blog content about sustainable gifting we are happy to provide clothing to you and a $50 gift card to give away to your followers.  You can use TPL affiliate links in your content as well!

Fill out the form to apply for this collaboration - you will be notified by next Friday if you have been chosen or not!

Brandon Hill