The Future of Links

I feel like the day after Cyber Monday is a fitting day to ask everyone a question we have been asking ourselves:  should we continue doing affiliate links?

That's a big question for us because that's what started this whole thing.  We wanted to provide a way for ethical bloggers to promote ethical brands and make a few bucks for their efforts.

And it's gone pretty well!  But we have noticed a steady decline in clicks/sales through links in the past months.  Which leads us to ask: are affiliate links the future?

So we began experimenting with sponsorships/collaborations - and that has been a hit!  And it's been so fun to see so many people collaborating on content together.  Makes our little hearts sing :)

Now we want to open up the conversation to all of you - we could ask a few different questions: should we continue doing affiliate links?  Are sponsorships better for you?  Etc.

But I think the best question to ask is:  how do you think TPL can best serve you?

Your thoughts would be so helpful as we gear up for 2018!  You can comment below or reply to our email.  There's no silly suggestions, so please share any thoughts you have!  (Well, maybe there are some silly suggestions :)

Brandon Hill