Introducing Sponsorships!

Since merging with the Ethical Influencer Network, we've been working on finding a fun way to connect our brands with all our influencers for sponsorships/partnerships.  And this week we're trying our first attempt!

Each week, we'll be letting you know what sponsorship opportunities are available to influencers - you can read the details and drop your name in the hat!  You'll get notified by the end of the week if you were chosen for the sponsorship :)

We're pumped to pass along TWO sponsorship opportunities this week from some of our favorite brands - Azura Bay and Bead & Reel!  Check out the sponsorships, apply if they sound like a fit for you, and let us know what you think about this system!



Number of Sponsorships: 5

Compensation: Product + Use of Affiliate links

Content Posted By: 11/10/2017

Hi ladies! I am trying to boost traffic for the holiday season and would love to promote the easier to gift items on my site. I now carry multiple PJ styles, robes, jogger sweatpants, sweaters, and more jewelry, so it would be easier to list as gift options if you are creating ethical + eco “Gift Guides for Her” posts. I’m happy to send samples, and would love to work in both blog and Instagram posts to the campaign. I’ll regram so you’ll get cross-promotion to my audience of +5000 and if you are interested in Instagram giveaways, I’m happy to giveaway a gift card to your followers as well.
— Azura Bay
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Bead & Reel.jpg




Number of Sponsorships: 5

Compensation: Free t-shirt + listing in our Fair Trade Directory ($185 value)

Content Posted By: 12/1/2017

After 3 years of successfully fundraising for various non-profits, the Fair Trade Fashion Show is now its own non-profit project (yay!). We will be using our popular annual fashion show to continue raising money and awareness about fair trade and human trafficking while showing how chic and wearable fair trade can be.

We are doing a new campaign to encourage conversations about fashion activism. Any influencers who are interested in participating will be sent one of our 100% organic cotton, 100% fair trade ‘Fashion Activist’ tees to share what being a fashion activist means to you in a quick, photo, video, or blog post.

In the past all the money we have raised has gone directly to the non-profit organizations we partnered with so we are starting from scratch with our budget, but can offer a free tee and also a one-year listing in our Fair Trade Directory (launching November 1st). I definitely believe in fair trade and fair wages and as soon as we successfully fundraiser with our Summer 2018 show I would love to explore paid collaborations!
— Bead & Reel
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Brandon Hill